Recognize and Prepare For These Halloween Hazards Before They Happen!

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Posted on October 31, 2016

Halloween is a holiday that many people let go of their typical selves, and they can create a fantasy character to identify with for the night. This holiday allows them to embrace a new unique personality that is united with becoming someone or something different. No matter how you want to celebrate Halloween, whether you go to a haunted house, trick or treat, or hold a costume party, it’s important to be informed how to prevent injury and/or protect yourself from unsafe situations. Although you may be in a super hero costume while trick or treaters approach your house, you can be sure if they sustain injuries they won’t be suing Batman. Therefore, being able to recognize what dangerous hazards are before they happen could save you from a law suit.


Potential Hazards with Trick or Treaters

Opening your home to trick or treaters, is a liability that homeowners need to recognize and then do everything in their power to mitigate the risk of an injury on their property. Clear walkways so that no one trips on clutter or decorations. Light sidewalks so guests can clearly see the path, and avoid tripping. You are technically liable for any injuries that may occur on your property. So while you are decorating for the holiday, keep your walkways and sidewalks well-lit and obstacle free.


Halloween Party Precautions and Liabilities

Although Halloween parties are a great excuse to dress up, Halloween costumes may lead to dangerous outcomes. Prior to the event, there are precautions that you need to address that may save you from being sued. If alcohol is served at your party, and a guest drives home and hits another car and kills the another driver, you may be found liable for providing the alcohol. This is why it’s wise to assign a designated bartender and tell the bartenders to monitor your guests’ intake and notice if they become overly intoxicated. Additionally, ask your guests if they have a designated driver prior to any drinks being served. Prevent that scary situation from happening by communicating suggested drink limits to your guests.


Get Insurance

Halloween is known for bad luck, so before you cross paths with any black cats, double check that your insurance policies are covering you against injuries or liabilities on your property. In order for you to get a spooky vibe with the right amount of eerie glow, you may light candles around your home or inside pumpkins. Although this isn’t a horrible idea, a trick or treater or party guest has the opportunity to knock over a candle and start a fire in or around your home. To prepare for incident such as these, it’s best to maintain an updated homeowners insurance policy. Remember, if a trick or treater happens to get injured on your property, you are responsible for them. This is why it is important that you update your homeowners policy, so that it will cover their medical expenses, as well as any liability for their injuries.


The lawyers at Powpowski, Callas, & Shirley care about your safety, and we want you to keep you well informed about the possible hazards this holiday brings. But more importantly, we want you to have a fun and enjoyable holiday with your family and friends! 

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