Workers Compensation


Most South Carolina Employers are legally required to provide worker's compensation insurance on their employees. In the event you are injured at work this insurance covers your lost wages, pays your medical costs and may entitle you to an award for your permanent injury.

Our Columbia workers comp lawyers will pursue your claims for medical treatment as well as lost wages while you are unable to work and a settlement based on your injury. We are dogged in our determination to succeed for you because, unfortunately, many insurance companies do not want you to be made whole. Insurance companies do not want to pay for your visits to your doctor or a second opinion, your wages while you are unable to work, and especially for a settlement for your injury.


The Full Range of On-the-Job Injuries

Construction Accidents | Brain/Spinal Cord Injury | Permanent Disabilities | Back Injuries | Repetetive Trauma Injuries | Recovery for Injured Employees

Workplace injuries may include fractures, lost limbs, lacerations, head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries and injuries caused by other employees or equipment.

Workers’ compensation law is very specific about how and when injured workers can be compensated. If you have been injured at work, let the workers' compensation attorneys of Popowski, Callas & Shirley, P.A. evaluate your claim. We will determine whether you are receiving proper medical care and whether you are being fully and fairly compensated for past and future medical expenses and lost income.

Experience and Persistent Attorneys

Our workers' compensation lawyers focus on this complex area of the law. We know the ins and outs of workman's compensation claims and have decades of experience successfully resolving cases for our clients.

We have been instrumental in obtaining statutory and case law changes that benefit injured workers. Call Popowski, Callas & Shirley, P.A. today at 803-799-2100 for a free consultation.

If you are an injured worker, do not delay. Contact our law firm in Columbia today to arrange a free consultation. In addition to helping you with your workers' compensation claim, we will evaluate whether you may be eligible to receive compensation in addition to workers' comp for damages caused by someone other than your employer.

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