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In the event that you are involved in an on the job accident, the earlier you contact a worker's compensation attorney the better you can protect your rights. Early consultation is useful in learning what you are entitled to under the law, determining the course of action you should take and in developing the factual and medical evidence in support of your claim. Also, late or inaccurate reporting of the initial accident may result in the denial of the claim or the termination of weekly compensation that you are entitled to receive.


Under South Carolina law, workers' compensation coverage can help you reclaim lost wages, get payment of weekly temporary total benefits while you are kept out of work by a doctor and payment of medical and other expenses. Often times, insurance companies do not fully explain the benefits you are entitled to and deny claims at the onset. You shouldn't accept an adversary's position without consulting with an attorney who has your best interests in mind. Utilize all of the tools at our disposal by letting us handle your case.


We are also concerned that you receive the appropriate medical treatment for your injury. While the insurance company can mandate that you only go to their pre-selected network for treatment, you should consult with us to determine if you are receiving adequate care and whether additional medical opinions are necessary.


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